I'm dating my friend's son

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Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, is on weekly to chat live with readers. (Sn up here to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Things were going great for me, my daughter and my relationship with "Tim." Tim and I were set up by a mutual friend who is a professor at the college my daughter attends. I feel like I am in a horribly-written daytime soap opera.

I have a guy who is my dad's friend's son and he likes me a lot. But I.

Parenting, Dating: I've been divorced for five years, raised a wonderful daughter who is in her fourth year of college, and started dating a wonderful man one year ago.

<b>Dating</b> My <b>Son</b>'s Old Hh School Classmate - SideTaker

Help. My Best Friend's Son Just Asked Me Out Free Dating.

My daughter took a class from him last year on my suggestion. My daughter had met my boyfriend early in our relationship but was only just recently invited to meet her boyfriend's father—he is a widower of 10 years. I feel like all four of us are getting serious and marriage has been talked about between both couples as well.

I have a guy who is my dad's <b>friend's</b> <b>son</b> and he likes me a lot. But I.
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While in that class she met and started dating a fellow classmate who decided to take the class because of a suggestion from his father. She was in shock when she realized it was the same man, and I still am after finding out. Is it considered a major social scandal to have your daughter-in-law be your own daughter? A: You two couples should have a double wedding and instead of the Wedding March play, "I'm My Own Grandpa." It would be amusing if your daughter and her husband became stepsiblings, etc. Both couples getting married would certainly solve the dilemma of deciding which in-law gets to see the kids at Thanksgiving and Christmas.The mother who fell in love with her son's best friend and nearly.

I'm dating my friend's son:

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